We are a village group who have an interest in understanding and conserving our wildlife in and around the village. We have a wildflower meadow evolving, now in its fifth year. On the edge of the meadow, we have a small wood with a dyke leading into a Victorian folly pond. We recently worked on this to restore it to the original pond. We are a rural village with mostly arable land surrounding us. We have headlands and verges with some interesting wild flowers and even a special conservation verge.

Our group was set up in November 2017. So far we have had several meets, a talk by Notts Wildlife Trust and a walk round some of the headlands with an experienced local nature reserve officer. We are in the process of identifying green corridors and quality habitats in the village. We are collecting information based on local sightings. Anyone can join us, even if not mobile. We have loads of interesting data from folk just looking out of their windows at the birds. This is a young project and involves group members planting native trees, wild flowers and bulbs, to creating a footpath for the village and sitting and watching from a chair. We are all interested in different aspects of wildlife flora and fauna and we aim to learn, enjoy and share our knowledge to the benefit of the village as a whole.

South Scarle Nature Project