Location – Access – Use

Please read the information below, a life may depend on it

The village now has two defibrillators.

One located on the right hand wall under the entrance arch of St. Helena’s Church.

The second within the old phone box down Main Street towards Amos Lane.  Please familiarise yourself with the process should you ever need to access one in an emergency.


DIAL 999

Explain the situation and the operator will tell you the exact position of the nearest unit.  Neither the phone box or the church entrance is locked.

The 999 Call Centre will give you the cabinet lock code.  Try and note this down on paper or within your mobile so you don’t forget it in the rush.

You may need a torch (you can download a torch app onto your mobile or ensure you have one handy in case of emergencies at all times).

Ideally someone should stay with the casualty and in contact with the operator whilst another collects the unit, but if you are alone try and seek nearby help.

Take the defib unit back to the casuality and if no assistance has arrived the 999 Call Centre will guide you in the use of the unit and support you until medical assistance arrives