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Welcome to the official Web Site of South Scarle Parish Meeting

What is a “Parish Meeting”?

It is NOT a council, it is a smaller public body but one that has truly direct democratic governance over the general running and administration of day to day village matters.

We are a rare entity in the realms of public governance and as such should be valued both historically and for the future preservation of this right. SSPM needs the involvement of all registered residents. Please take part where you can.

Who are the “Parish Meeting?

All residents of the Parish, over 18 years old and registered on the Voters Electoral Roll for the district are the members of the “Parish Meeting”, currently 161 persons. All such residents are entitled to attend any actual parish meeting that is called, and may speak and vote on any issues that are included in the meeting agenda.

The a Draft agenda is e-mailed (BCC) to all residents signed up on the distribution list and posted on the village notice board at least 7 days prior to a meeting. Normally a resident may request additional items to go on the agenda but these have to be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting for the publication of the Final agenda.

The Parish Meeting is administered by three Trustees. The Trustees are volunteers who put themselves forward for selection by an election held at the Annual General Meeting of the “Parish Meeting”. Volunteers are voted in by a ballot of members attending the AGM. The trustees are able to act upon the meeting’s behalf.

The three positions are;


Deputy Chairperson

Parish Clerk