Location – Access – Use

Please read the information below, a life may depend on it

Hopefully you are aware that this village has a defibrillator. It is located on the right hand wall under the entrance arch of St. Helena’s Church. If you think you need to use the defibrillator,


You won’t be able to open the cabinet.


DIAL 999

EXPLAIN the situation that you need assistance and ask them if they think a defibrillator is needed and if so how to get it and what to do.

THE OPERATOR (wherever you are) will tell you the exact position of the nearest unit and if you are in the village, it will be the locked unit in the church entrance, which is not locked.

THE OPERATOR will give you the cabinet lock code; have pen & paper ready!

THINK, you may need a torch!

ONE PERSON should stay with the casualty and in contact with the operator whilst ANOTHER PERSON collects the unit,

IF YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN try and get a neighbour to collect it.

GET THE UNIT BACK TO THE CASUALTY and if no assistance has arrived

THE OPERATOR will guide you in the use of the unit