Phase III of St Helena’s re-ordering and rejuvenation

Project Update February 2018

The fund-raising for the Phase 3 Project works is going well. In Summary, the ‘works’ include:

  • installation of a glazed outer porch door and porch floor levelling
  • installation of a ringing-floor to create a separate bell-ringing chamber with the ground floor space released to storage
  • conversion of the current storage cupboard into a second loo

(more details can be seen lower down on this page)

The total cost of the works will be £21980 + VAT

  • The PCC has contributed £8250. It will also cover the initial VAT outlay (which will be reclaimed).
  • The SSCC has committed £2500 from existing funds plus £700 is still to be raised (Murder Mystery Play, Pancake Day, Folk Concert)
  • Quiz Night in October raised £531
  • Garfield Weston have awarded a grant of £3000
  • We are awaiting a decision from WREN on our application for £7000

Donations and pledges have been also made to cover the Third party Funding required for the WREN bid, of £752.50 which cannot included in the project schedule. This is a 10.75% of the total awarded funding that is required from an independent third party as a term of any WREN application.

(Note: Our donors include the Coddington Bell-Ringers who have gifted money as well as turning out in numbers to support the October Quiz Night fund-raiser. They are holding their own Quiz Night at Coddington on Feb 24th – if anyone is interested in forming a team then please let Richard Sutton know)


We have started fundraising for Phase 3 projects works in order to make the Community Space in St Helena even more comfortable and useful. We also need to keep the heating bills under control!

Firstly, we would like to install a glass and oak door as an outer door on the porch.  This would cut down the draught hugely making the space more comfortably by keeping the heat in, and saving energy.

Secondly, we would like to install a ringing floor in the tower.  This will reduce draught from the tower and reduce heat-loss through the tower. It will give the bell-ringers their own dedicated space which can be set up properly as a classroom and make ringing the bells a good deal easier. It will also release the space in the base of the tower for permanent storage without interfering with the bell ringers. Being able to use the whole of this space releases the cupboard in the hall to become a second lavatory.

Planning permission for St. Helena’s alterations etc. and all Faculties have been granted in full.

We have to work harder at our own village fundraising this time, as the SSCC also relies on village-generated funds to keep it running!

Contact Judy or Florence for more info. This page will be updated with progress reports.