Girton Conservation Trust

Girton & Meering Parish and Charitable Conservation Trust

Girton Conservation Trust

Registered Charity Number – 1115660

The trauma of flooding is a major concern for everyone.

Dear Parish Chairperson/Clerk,

I have taken the unusual step of contacting all 84 Parishes of Newark & Sherwood District, solely because of the extremely critical position my Parish finds itself in and we desperately need your combined support.

I ask of you to please read the attached documents/brochure they are self-explanatory.  You will form an opinion and from there hopefully for my part, offer support to my two requests.

First request – You will read in the attached brochure, that my Parish and within it The Village of Girton in particular, are fighting for full flood protection of a 1.8km major flood bank around the village.  In trying to achieve this we are constantly in negotiations with the Nottingham based Environment Agency, supported by Newark & Sherwood District Council, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, not least of all, our local County and District Councillors.

We have an important meeting with the Environment Agency this coming early November, attended by the above mentioned parties and other agencies involved in consideration of our objective.

It would greatly enhance the position of The Parish of Girton & Meering if we were able to produce considerable written support from all of the other 84 Parishes of NSDC.

Once having read the brochure in particular, you will appreciate that if the facility of our Parish  wash lands were not available, then flooding problems in other Parishes would be greatly magnified without the release of that excess water to Girton & Meering.

  • Would you therefore please consider returning an email to me on behalf of your Parish, in expressing your support for The Parish of Girton & Meering, having read and appreciated what my Parish offers the Environment Agency for the solution to any flooding ‘Event’ that may affect your Parish, in the past or future.

Second request – We have 53 properties in the Parish, 24 of which are within the village itself.  Most of those are Pensioners struggling to exist in this present financial climate. There are no resident wealthy entrepreneurs, or major fund raising facilities within the Parish.

To produce hard copy of the brochure with envelopes letters and postage, canvassing support through various Government bodies from PM to Royalty, other Charities and many other avenues,  also producing for a considerable amount of meetings, costs a great deal of money and our Parish has extremely limited personal financial resources.  We are not a Southwell, Rolleston, Lowdham & Gunthorpe etc., with large fund raising facilities.

  • I am therefore respectfully asking if you would be prepared to help my Parish financially, by requesting each and every Parish Chairperson within NSDC to consider a donation from their Parishes, up to a maximum sum of £50.00 in order to help.  This would enable us to continue producing all required literature for this ongoing project.

The Parish of Girton & Meering and in particular The Village of Girton needs the support of everyone, especially those affected by flooding in the past, who knows what may befall any of us in the future.

I am genuinely asking for and would appreciate your help with both requests.

The Girton Conservation Trust

Registered Charity Number – 1115660

Barclays Bank, Market Place, Newark on Trent Branch.

Sort Code 20-50-21

Account number 73588246

Thank you

Kenneth Rice, Chairman

Holly Cottage, West Lane, Girton, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 7JB

Tel: 01522 778507 (Answerphone if out)


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