South Aisle

Yellow paint marks the position of the floor joists.

Hard to believe but there is still more rubble to remove. At least it’s only a short trip to teh door.

An overview from the Nave and South Aisle from the font at the end of Week Three.

Conduit running down the length of wall one towards the pulpit.

Conduit running the length of the wall.

Wire for the new lighting on the North Aisle wall.

South Aisle walls four and five.

The electrical work has started. The first of the conduits in place.

Socket positioned to the left of the entrance to the Parish Room (and cup of tea!)

South Aisle

South Aisle – foundations four and five ready for their walls.

Mini-digger in a church. It’s remains surreal.

Jim, to the left of the entrance to the parish room, cutting out a hole to site one of several sockets.

Some of the brickwork needs cutting out to fit the conduit.